Thursday, October 23, 2014

This is our latest iPhone application design for Crossfit Drive out of San Ramon, CA. Your comments and suggestions are always encouraged and appreciated. Onto another interview with Neilmed Pharmaceutical today. Wish me the best! To view this and other images from Vorzie Studios please visit #crossfitdrive #vorziestudios #vorzie #iphoneapplication

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Well it actually happened. After a two year stint with Dictum Health creating the user interface for a multiple medical testing and teleconference device, I try to login and post to my BLOG of over 5 years and Google has blocked my account claiming it as a SPAM site. As a result, I have been unable to reclaim the previous BLOG due to my inability to recall specific startup and last access dates. I mean come on now. Who has the ability to recall such information except a select population of memory wizards? So this is why my BLOG has changed addresses.

So onto new work. I have created two sets of pieces for this latest BLOG. The first 2 are commercially based while the later are more artistic in nature. This first design was created to demonstrate my skill set within a 2 hour time frame for the McKinsey Corporation. This design represents the home page of an application with the following feature set.

  • Find a doctor
  • Schedule appointments
  • Re-fill prescriptions
  • Facilitate virtual check-ups
  • Lose weight regimes, inspire you to quit smoking
  • Provide information about your specific health conditions    

This second iPhone app design was created to function in conjunction with the retail coffee house in Sebastopol, Ninja Star Coffee Bar. This design represents the home page of an application with the following feature set.

  • Purchase Drinks
  • Purchase Coffee/Espresso Beans
  • Purchase Pastries
  • View Calendar of Events
  • Access to social networks, email store, or location finder
  • Splash ads for current specials 

Now the fun stuff. At least I hope the you enjoy. I feel that my illustration talents have advanced, and as a testament to this I have illustrated these vintage beer cans.

To see all of these creations in addition to many other, please visit our home page at Vorzie Studios or  visit us on Facebook at, or twitter at Hope to see you there!